{Thursday Tales} The one(s) that will never get away

There is no doubt that it has been a tragic season for me and the ones that I truly love. We recently lost my beloved grandmother, and everybody knows how much of a light she is for us. With the most beautiful and warm welcoming smile she always paints on her face, she is surely going to be greatly missed. But as Mitch Albom puts it, “When someone is in your heart, they’re never truly gone.”

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What Picking Up my Drunken Friend has Taught Me


I’ve never been a fan of drinking alcoholic beverages because it floods your mind with stupidity and insanity, just like what happened to my guy friend. Usually, it’s the guy friend who picks up his drunken girl (notice the space called friendzone here, lol just kidding) friend and bring her home, but in my case, for the very first time in the history of my life, my guy friend got really really drunk and I had to fetch him. According to him, he and some of his friends finished the last three long-neck bottles of rum and beer so they wouldn’t go to waste. Uhm, guys, you could have just taken them home and save them for another sesh some other time.

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Only Child & Strict Parents Combo


So these past weeks, there’s this trend on Twitter #GrowingUpWithStrictParents. I kind of followed this hashtag since I grew up, and still growing up, with strict parent/s. Luckily on my part, I am an only child so that made my parents only extra strict. Yay! *kindly note the sarcasm* [read more]

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For the sister I never had, happy birthday!


Happiest birthday to my one and only Ate Colleene!!! Two decades down, a lot more to go! In a few years, I can surely see us together planning our dream house. We’ve had this dream since we were little and oh, how the time flies by. You’re almost an adult now and I know you will be just as responsible. From dyeing your hair red to more mature decisions, I will always be here for you. Hahaha. I will support you no matter what and if you need me to help you dye your hair whatever color you want, I will. We will graduate together and shop ’til we drop using Mamu’s card. Hahaha! We’ve been the best of friends since God knows when and it will never change. As cheesy as it may sound, we have forever. I love you so much, don’t you ever forget that. Cheers to more adventures and misadventures together!!



Why I’ve never had a boyfriend

  1. single_listicleI have strict parents – Well, not only my parents, but also my whole family. They all grew up in the province so they ‘d rather have their Generation Y to study first and have a decent job before entering a relationship. For as long as possible, they want us, me, to prioritize my school and other stuff before I wreck myself by getting a boyfriend.
  2. Study first
    – As mentioned in the very first and top reason, I have to prioritize my studies. I’m in college now, and in two years, I will be graduating and entering adulthood. This one is actually a personal choice, since nowadays the youth can do whatever the hell they want. I’d rather have a diploma that I can actually present to my parents to prove that I worked my ass off in school; everything they’ve done for me is going to be returned if not in the same amount. Having said this, I would want to give my family first a better life before anything else.
  3. Self-improvement
    – How am I going to handle a relationship if I can’t handle my own self? Check yourself before you wreck (yourself) others. I’d rather have my life figured out than being in a relationship where both of us have no idea what’s really going on.
  4. I prefer to be alone
    Knock knock. Who’s there? Obama. Obama who? Obama-seeeelf… Although the next words are “don’t wanna be all by myself”, in my case, I always want to be all by myself. Maybe it’s because I’m an only child and it’s how I grew up. In everything I do, I’d rather do it alone. Even if it’s a groupwork, give me my part and I’ll do it. This is because I believe that I do more efficiently when I’m alone. This brings me to the fifth reason…
  5. I don’t think I need one
    – I’m an only child and growing up, my parents taught me to be independent. I grew up doing everything on my own, even my dad taught me to do boy works in the house, i.e., replacing screws, fixing wiring, and the like. I can practically live alone without the need of a significant other. Perhaps you’d think this is just the same with #4 but you can still prefer to be alone while enjoy a presence of a boyfriend/girlfriend.
  6. It takes time and money
    – Everyone I know knows I am such a cheapskate and a home buddy. Boring, right? I never liked spending so much money on clothes, shoes, or whatever. I also never liked going out since (see reasons #1 and #4) I was kind of conditioned that I must spend my time wisely because “time is gold”. Being in a relationship certainly requires giving occasional gifts and going out to movies, parks, or fancy dinners. I’d rather read my untouched books and write a review or a fan fiction but I’m never going out on a date. Maybe if I had a boyfriend, he’d be so annoyed he’ll break up with me after a few weeks, because, “Man, Prei is so boring.” Also, I’d rather watch FRIENDS for the millionth time. Anyone down for that? I don’t think so.
  7. I’m too ambitious
    – I’ve got so many plans for the future, for me and my family, and I have to exert so much time and effort to be able to achieve them. I would be too busy to meet potential guys to be my boyfriend. And being in a relationship means having the need to settle anytime in the future, because what’s the point if you’re doing it just for fun, right? I don’t see myself settling just yet, because my ambitions and goals are blocking the way.
  8. Trust issues
    Almost relationships? I had those. Some guy would walk into your life, take your breath away, and then leave you right after. Well, maybe not right after, because there will always be the sweet words and best-dressed lies. I was once a stupid high schooler, too. I actually thought this guy was serious about courting me but then gave up after a week. The time they found out they won’t be getting anything from me anytime soon, they will walk away. Nobody’s ever stayed and waited. When a guy says he’ll wait for you, prepare yourself to be alone again soon.
  9. Boys somehow get intimidated
    – I really don’t know why. I may be snobbish and my resting bitch face might scare away some at times, but once you get to talk to me in the most unexpected and random ways, this resting bitch face of mine automatically lights up and will surely brighten your day. Kidding aside, it’s only what my friends used to tell me. Boys would somehow back out in getting to know me, because of the thought I’d ignore them right there and then. I don’t know, I’m not really sure.
  10. I believe in destiny
    – Yes, loud and proud. If there will come a time that some guy will sweep me off of my feet, then so be it. But if I’m meant to stay single for the rest of my life, I’d gladly accept it with open arms. Sometimes, though, I’d imagine myself as a girlfriend, but it only makes me cringe so I wave the thought off right away. But there are times that I’d get jealous of the couple-y stuff I see on the internet, wishing that somehow, someday, someone will be with me and we’ll be happy together. Okay, so that confused me. Anyway, whatever the universe’s decision may be, I can’t do anything about it.

Love and light,