{Thursday Tales} The one(s) that will never get away

There is no doubt that it has been a tragic season for me and the ones that I truly love. We recently lost my beloved grandmother, and everybody knows how much of a light she is for us. With the most beautiful and warm welcoming smile she always paints on her face, she is surely going to be greatly missed. But as Mitch Albom puts it, “When someone is in your heart, they’re never truly gone.”

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{Soundtrack Saturday} Almost Chill But Not Quite

After the Easter break, my class had been attending a series of seminars and talks to ‘celebrate’ English Week. We were kind of exhausted with all the sitting and the listening, but it was all worth it, since we became more knowledgeable about what can happen after college, a.k.a. in the real world. We may be free from class, but we were not free at all, because everything was required and attendance was checked. 

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{Soundtrack Saturday} Halloween Weekend

On October 31st, we went to Batangas to visit our departed loved ones at the cemetery for All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days. Of course, it included a lot of sleeping with earphones stuck the whole ride. So here’s my playlist last weekend:

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{Soundtrack Sunday} Errands and Chores

This morning has been productive as I performed every errand and chores my Mom asked me to. I felt very very lazy today, though, I even woke up late, but I needed to get everything done. So to make it a little bit interesting, here is my lazy Saturday playlist:

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