Future Talk After Finals

Guess who’s done with her finals?? Yup, it’s me!!!!! I am so done with papers, homework, quizzes, exams, recitations, and presentations! Honestly speaking, I am so worried about my grades this semester; I might not make it to the dean’s list! Sad but I just gotta accept my fate and move on and do better next semester.

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In Defense of the Unattached Girl

I have been called the heartless, stone cold, indifferent, emotion-less one, and the list even goes on and on. But then I do not care what they say, I do not care whether or not they see my emotions. I have no plans on showing them, anyway. It is not that I do not care altogether, though, I just do not like getting deeply involved with things. This is what, who, and how I am, and they cannot do anything about it.

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{Daybook} Life Lately


  • Most of my classes require alphabetical seating arrangement, which, for all of your information, I really hate. My surname starts with V so yay I get to sit at the back. Ngh.
  • Our professor in Computer hasn’t shown up yet so we’ve been having early Monday dismissals since.
  • I’m taking my last three units of Advance Spanish this semester, which I really am excited about. However, my schedule for that class is Fridays, 6-9 pm. Bummer, right? It’s not only so hard to commute, but also I feel so drained when I get home. Well, you really can’t have it all, can you?
  • I bring packed lunch everyday so I get to save my allowance for other more important things.
  • Indian Literature is killing me. Help!


  • My first-ever Blogging 101 experience has just ended last Friday, August 14. I’m really glad that I came across the DailyPost’s post regarding this year’s blogging 101 courses. Now I can say that somehow my blogging’s improved.
  • I met a lot, and I mean, A  L O T of nice bloggers there. They’ve helped me big time with my blog, with all those feedback that we’ve exchanged on The Commons.
  • Award nominations! I got two, the Liebster and Premio Dardos, which, honestly, I didn’t expect because I was just starting. I truly appreciate the nominations from Anand, Ingrid, and Kate; I don’t know if I’ve thanked you enough for those. Yay!
  • I’ve also registered to Blogging 201, I hope I could keep up.


  • Meh, I have this house-school-house routine once again and I’m not sure if I could have some exciting tales to share anytime soon.
  • Oh, this one’s exciting… I’m a registered voter!!! I turned 18 this year, and earlier this month, I submitted all the requirements to our Commission on Elections and had my bio-metrics registered so I can vote next year. I think this is one of the most important happenings of my life, because finally I will be able to practice my right of suffrage and somehow make a difference by voting the ones that I believe are going to be good for my country. Anyway, the whole process and other story will be in a different blog post. Watch out!

{Blogging 101} Day 11: Make a Prompt Personal — Three Struggles of a Brace-Face

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Satisfaction of a List.”


  1. What color of rubber to choose
    –  Every time that I go to the dentist for my adjustment appointment, my dentist makes me choose what color of my rubber will be. He gives me this big transparent container with all of the colored rubbers sorted by their hue. They go from light to dark, ROYGBIV, pastel, and clear. It is indeed hard since you have to think of how it will be seen through your smile. Once, I chose black as my rubber color of the month and it didn’t look nice since I was in a party and we need flash for taking photos. Your rubber color will either make you or break you.

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Premio Dardos Nomination!

Last night, I had my 6 to 9 pm class that really drained my energy. It was too hard to hail a jeepney on the way home, because it was a Payday Friday. When I got home, I decide to check WordPress on my iPad for notifications and go through the Reader. Much to my surprise, Anand of Blabberwockying! nominated me for Premio Dardos Awards! It instantly changed my stressed out mood to an excited one. Thanks so much, Anand, you’ve just been the best!

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{Blogging 101} Day 9: Get Inspired By the Neighbors

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time yesterday to complete the task. I’ve only left comments on three blogs, lacking one more. Anyway, I will make sure to check out more new blogs and leave comments as much as possible. I’m deeply sorry for failing yesterday’s task, hehe, so these are the new blogs I had visited and left my comments on…

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{Blogging 101} Day 1: Who are you and why are you here?

Hello, world! I used to “blog” on a different platform two or three years ago, but just last month I decided to get back on track with WordPress. I decided to start a blog again because I actually needed to practice writing for my future courses. Also, I never kept my blog private, because I always liked how other people could give me their insights and advice regarding the topic that I had just written. Although my whole site is going to contain personal stuff, I still make sure that readers will still learn from it and just like what mentioned, I like that they could give me their opinions.

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