Welcome to Shine On! 

Founded in 2015, Shine On is all sorts of distinctive. “Nothing exciting, just writing” as its tagline is as real as it gets.

The founder, Precious Valencia, believes sharing is one way of connecting to all the possible readers of her website. She is currently in her senior year as a Linguistics major in Manila and she once considered this blog as a training ground in writing. In the long run, Shine On becomes an avenue for her in which she continues to learn the process of self-discovery and self-expression. At the moment, she writes as she speaks, which makes Shine On more personal and interactive. This website is also dedicated to everyone who accepts and welcomes individual differences. 

If you enjoy reading motivational posts, personal favorites, life saga, weekend playlists, and media reviews, then you’re at the right page! All these and more here, and elsewhere:

Want to talk about more serious and professional stuff? Shoot an e-mail at preciousmaryfe[at]gmail[dot]com!


  • All written content is by Precious Valencia unless stated otherwise.
  • Featured images are from here, edited by Precious Valencia.

15 thoughts on “About

    1. Manila is like the New York of the Philippines, at least for me. People always want to go the big city and find greater opportunities here but it’s not always they find themselves lucky. They do, however, find themselves enjoying and getting curious about what’s out here. There may be all the pollution and extreme heat, especially during Summer time, but it’s all worth it 🙂

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      1. Nice ! That sounds a lot like Karachi really, everybody seems to come here struggling for opportunities and somehow they do either find their calling or figure out where they belong and I think that’s wonderful. Full of pollution and heat and a few dirty dumps too but we manage I suppose. 🙂


  1. I’ve been to your beautiful city twice. I love the hospitality! Manila downtown is beautiful! I traveled to the former Clark AFB. It’s beautiful in the country, too. It was for work so I didn’t make it to the beautiful beach areas. 😞

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