We’ve been Bandersnatched.


I may have or have not finished Bandertsnatch as of this writing. I’ve already arrived at 4 endings, but my seek bar is still at the half part and hasn’t moved a bit! I’m so confused. Anyone has answers? Please help LOL. Also, I won’t focus on the plot and whatnot anymore, I’ll just share my thoughts about it.

Anyway. I believe that Bandersnatch is overhyped. For reals.  Sure, it’s commendable that Netflix is trying something new and interactive. They achieved that with Bandersnatch. It’s just that everyone on Twitter is so hyped up about the new Black Mirror episode which is, apparently, 5 hours long.

There’s not much of a difference from the other Black Mirror episodes, especially that it dwelled on psychological and philosophical matters. It still fucks with your brain, yup, but that’s already a given. Any Black Mirror episode is supposed to make your head hurt. That’s the thing. What made Bandersnatch SUPER interesting, though, is that you make the choices for the protagonist. It’s a video game within a video game. It’s video game-ception. Sort of. LOL.

I just found it corny when ‘Netflix’ was already one of the choices. It’s funnier (in a non-amusing way) than it is creepy, at least for me. And why can’t I choose Frosties for Stefan? Really, my Netflix freezes everytime I pick Frosties. I just want Stefan to have Frosties for breakfast!

My verdict — I like it because it’s Black Mirror, but I don’t like it because I THINK other episodes (i.e. The Entire History of You and Me, Hang the DJ) are way better. This one’s just interactive, that’s all.

Anyway, we’ve all been Bandersnatched and we know it. Happy new year!

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