My Grown Up Christmas List

Gone are the days where I want something new and shiny. With everything that had happened to me this year, I still do want a lot, but not material things.

You could say that I almost lost every single thing that matters to me – myself included – but luckily I found redemption. Just my luck, I guess. This year was the best worst year of my life where all hell broke loose.

I’m keeping this short so I would not keep you from any Christmas rush you’re at right now. Shall we?

  1.  Strength & courage – I seriously don’t know how I managed to survive this year, so now I just want consistent strength and courage for 2018. I have the best support system and I just wanna make sure I’d be able to reciprocate it.
  2. Self-esteem & confidence – something I worked so hard for in the past years, popped like a bubble, gone with the wind, just like that. I’ve mentioned before halfway through 2017 that it’s time to regain what was lost. My self-esteem and confidence are a work-in-progress and hopefully in 2018 I’d have them back completely.
  3. Healing & forgiveness – for all the people I’ve hurt, for all the people who have hurt me. 2017, for me, was a year of pain and hurting, but now it’s about time to make amends. Most importantly, I strongly believe that I also need to forgive myself for everything.
  4. Peace of mind – don’t we all need it?

This piece is all over the place, as raw and sincere and real as it is. 

What’s on your list this holiday season? I hope Santa grants it all.

Happy Holidays, everybody!

Love and light,

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “My Grown Up Christmas List

  1. Such a mature list, Prei. Just take it a day at a time and I’m sure things will fall into place. It takes a while (okay, maybe a long time) but we get there eventually. Stay positive. 🙂

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