Scaredy cat no more, I guess

As I have previously mentioned, anything beyond my comfort zone scared me. That includes horror movies. At least watching them in the cinema. I really do not mind watching them at home with family during broad daylight. But when it comes to the big screen, dark surroundings, and loud sound, count me out. That’s why I decided to include watching a horror movie into my bucket list before I turn 21!

Both my boyfriend and I have never been fans of horror movies. We watch them sometimes, all right, but only when Mr. Sun is out and rising and shining. But of course, since to watch in the big screen is in my list, he has to come and watch with me. I’m such a scaredy cat, but I guess I have to conquer such fear sooner or later. In this case, it was sooner than I expected.

Too bad It came into theatres a little late, so we watched Annabelle instead. Aside from creepy killer clowns, of course there’s the scary-looking dolls that may or may not be moving in your sleep. You can never tell.


So anyway, the movie was pretty okay. There were real scary moments, but some of it seemed quite predictable. Although they didn’t make any difference, because I was freaking watching a horror movie in the big screen. It was really creepy. I wouldn’t go into details anymore, because I pretty much have forgotten all about that movie. It almost gave me nightmares!!


That was basically it, we only had lunch then movie. Just like what I’ve always been saying in my posts, all these things that I want to do, accomplish, and achieve, are more fun and valuable when they are done with the people who mean the world to me.

What an experience, to be honest. I’m not sure if I’m gonna be watching horror films in the cinema ever again, I have yet to think about it. Watch Annabelle, though!

Love and light,

12 thoughts on “Scaredy cat no more, I guess

  1. Haven’t watched horror movies matagal na ata, not really sure but the last movie I watched na sobrang scary for me was when I watched the TV premier of Sadako and right after turning off the tv, my cellphone rang. I didn’t answer it, sa sobrang takot hahaha

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  2. Im glad you got to do something from your bucket list! I think you are crazy putting this on your buckef list though, I hate horror movies at the movies! Ive not seen this one but Ive heard its scary so well done for being brave!

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