Drive-In Cinema, 170429

Finally getting back on track with my blog!! I’ve been MIA for so long, for so many reasons, but now that (I think) I’m getting my stuff together, I have decided to be back for good.

To start my blogging journey once again, I am officially launching a new mini-series! There are a lot of things that I really want to do, but as the saying goes, “so little time.” So I decided to take it one step at a time and actually list 21 things I wanna accomplish before I turn 21. I figured that it’s just right, as my bucket list will only contain the simplest and easiest stuff to do and will not involve too much financial requirement (if you know what I mean). The list was made earlier this year, right after my birthday; I thought I needed something for me to look forward to my birthday next year.

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First off! Watch movie at a drive-in/open air cinema. It’s not literally a drive-in cinema, though, but more like an open air cinema (that’s what they called it anyway). This has literally been sitting on my list for quite some time now, and luckily a community down south held an open air night sky cinema, in partnership with a popular movie channel, last April 29, 2017. They presented La La Land and My Ex and Whys.

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Before the movie, there were a lot of gimmicks first. There were games, where the audience were able to meet some of the local artists who performed (e.g. Sue Ramirez) and won some prizes from sponsors. Indie OPM bands, Maude and UDD, were also present and serenaded us with their tunes.

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They first showed La La Land and we were so glad, because my cousin and I hadn’t seen it that time. A little review here, I did not expect it to be THAT emotional. I also thought Emma Stone looked so skinny in the movie. So anyway, it was really a fun experience for me.

Honestly, I feel kinda legit that I’m finally trying to do things that I really want and that I’m actually about to check them off my list one by one while I take on adulthood.

That’s 1/21 for me! Do you have your bucket list, too? Share them in the comments!!


Love and light,

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