S01E05: Hopes, Dreams, and Farewell

Previously on Shine On is 1…

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Now that we have finally reached the finale of my blogiversary mini-series: Shine On is 1, I will share with you my hopes and dreams for this website. I only have a few and when we finally achieve those, we’ll take it from there.

  1. Domain!
    – As you all know from the Pilot episode, the url preciousvalencia.wordpress.com has only been chosen for wit purposes. Of course, when this website starts growing, I want to turn it into something serious and legit. I’m still thinking of what url and domain I should get. Initially, my plan is to get a domain when I hit 5,000 visits. We’re already at 4,200+ so we’ll see when I will transfer this blog into a legit website.
  2. Content!
    – A more creative, informative, and original content is what we’re aiming for for this soon-to-be website. Hopefully, my writing skills develop so that I will have better write-ups in this page.
  3. Time!
    – One of my frustrations is that: so many plans, so little time. If everything turns out well, I promise to give more time to Shine On. I really want to improve this page and I want to take this as seriously as my other shenanigans.

As much as I want to write more and create more content in my blog, it is an unfortunate choice to make to take a break. With senior year coming in a few days, I can’t help but sacrifice something that I like doing so that I can focus more on academics and my undergrad thesis. I hate to say this but I will be on a hiatus mode until maybe our term break.

Let’s be honest, though, I haven’t been active in blogging, not until when I celebrated my blogiversary. It just hit me recently that the end of this mini-series will be the beginning of my inactivity in blogging.  However, I’m optimistic that when I come back, we are a few steps away from achieving our goals for Shine On!

I will see you all in December! And don’t forget to SHINE ON!!

Love and light,

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