S01E04: Inspirations? Inspirations.

Previously on Shine On Is 1…

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As a part of this mini-series, I would just like to share my favourite bloggers in and out of WordPress! These are the bloggers from whom I learn a lot of things, get a total layout envy, and catch a love bug from their content.

    – Miss Kat is one of the first Filipino WordPress users that I have met. Since then, I have always read her blogs and she serves as one of my inspirations when it comes to consistency of blogging.
  2. Wild Spirit 
    – Miss Camie Juan is one of the top and well-known lifestyle bloggers in the Philippines. I have been following her since Tumblr days in 2012 and she just keeps on getting better and better.
  3. Sun-kissed Somewhere 
    – Ate Ayn Bernos is a close friend and a colleague of mine. She is such a great writer and one of the most fun people that I know of. She is currently more active on YouTube, but do check out her old posts (as well as her YouTube channel!) so you’ll know what I’m talking about.
  4. TheSoshalNetwork
    – This humor blog is being run by three lawyers. If you’re a Filipino or you understand Filipino and/or Tagalog, I highly recommend that you subscribe to and follow this blog. The realest things can be found in their blog and I think that is the one thing that I would really like to achieve in my own blog — pure authenticity.

They are just a fraction of the people I follow because of great content. You may check out my blogroll at the bottom part of this website for more awesome bloggers!

Love and light,

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