S01E03: 5 Favorite Moments When Blogging

Previously on Shine On is 1…


For this episode, allow me to share with you my favorite moments for the past year when blogging!

    – Let’s face it. One of the most exciting things about blogging is having readers. When I started blogging, I only had, like, 6 followers and it already made me so happy. Knowing that there are people who read your posts is one of the reasons why I write. In reality, no matter how much you say that you only blog for yourself (which I do), a part of you will always jump in excitement when you notice your followers count increases.
    – Another exciting thing is when your readers make an effort to say how they appreciate your post or how they get honest with you by giving you constructive criticisms. It is always nice to have someone who will help you get better in what you like to do. Same goes to them, as well, you never forget to return the nice gesture.
  3. (Feature) Images
    I realise that I need to update my feature images. Anyway, I keep on learning (more like discovering) the art of editing pictures using apps in my iPad. I am no expert in Photoshop so I try my best to practice through PicsArt on iOS. Editing photos for my blog posts is my favourite, because I am free to manipulate the images based on how I want to look like for my posts.
  4. Stats
    – I will be completely honest with you, guys. Whenever I publish a writeup, I always make sure to share it also on my social media accounts (mostly Twitter). The more you share your posts, the higher your stats get. That is, if they click on your blog link and read your post. Sometimes, I share my blog on Facebook, but I am not always confident to show people what I write. But hey, if you want higher stats, you gotta do what you gotta do!
  5. Blogs
    – I may not have the best content out there, but I certainly enjoy writing my thoughts. No matter how much they suck, they will always be much appreciated by me and my mom (lol), because God knows how hard I worked for them (not that hard, oops). Sharing my likes and dislikes through blogging has always been one of my favourite things to do, and I am just so glad that I came back to blogging ‘bout a year ago.

A few more episodes left in this mini-series, I hope y’all stay with me ’til the end! Do you have your own favorite things/moments when blogging? Leave comments! See you in the next one!!

Love and light,

5 thoughts on “S01E03: 5 Favorite Moments When Blogging

  1. Some of my favourite moments are :
    – when people understand what I’m trying to say ( and “trying” is the operative word as a non-English speaker who is not a writer 😉 )
    – when stumbling upon new blogs from all over the world that teach me and enrich my life 🙂
    Turtle Hugs

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  2. I definitely agree with you about the followers part, it feels so good to know that someone likes your blog enough to subscribe to it! For me though, the best thing is when someone tells me that my posts affected them in a positive way. For example, I’ve had a few people tell me that my blog has helped to make them more interested in big cats, and that’s the greatest compliment I could hope to receive!

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