S01E01: Pilot/Intro

Wow, who would have thought I could keep a page such as this?? It’s been a year since I decided to put up a blog just so I can practice writing. Sure, I am able to produce write-ups that make sense, that do not, and that were properly and poorly written. There were times when I take pride in the stuff that I write but there were also those moments when I never thought I could get any worse. Now that I’m celebrating my blogiversary (I’m not sure if a lot of bloggers use this word but in my own little world I made that up), I just want a little trip down memory lane and maybe a recap of my ‘blogging’ experience here in WordPress. Shall we?

URL. I know what you’re thinking. Fiftyshadesofprei, how mature. I am such a sucker for puns, can you tell?  Supposedly, I will register smashedtomato, my Tumblr username for so long, but it’s already taken. Saddest moment, because I’ve lived as smashedtomato all my life and I want to take it with me in my new beginning. So I move on and think of another. At first, I’m thepreciouslifeofprecious, but it’s so damn long! Last resort, puns!!! Twenty fifteen, the year Fifty Shades of Grey was released so I turn to it. Let’s do this, Prei, I thought. Fiftyshadesofprei is also relatively long for a URL but it’s shorter than thepreciouslifeofprecious (do you need to catch your breath, too?). But when the day that I can finally pay for a domain comes, I’ll change it to something less pun-y.

Title and tagline. These are the things that need to be thought through, but I did not. For some reason, Shine On speaks to me on a certain level. Whenever I say, it feels like it comes from within. Shine On! With matching sparkles all over. On the other hand, my tagline is the most boring tagline ever. And did I say I’m also a sucker for rhymes? Nothing exciting, just writing rhymes so I kind of settled for it. However, I realised that it perfectly describes what my blog is all about. It is a training ground for my writing and it is really up to the readers if they will find my posts exciting.

Beginner’s luck. This is what I’ve noticed that I actually have. My first-ever post on Shine On was the most liked and commented on. It literally surprised me because I was just a newbie, a noob, I did not know anything, I did not know how WordPress worked, I did not have followers and readers that time. Somehow, it helped me spread the word that a certain Shine On has joined the block.

Weekly features. If you’re new to my page, you probably would kill me for not keeping up with my weekly blog features. I’d do the same, to be honest. Mondays are for motivation, Thursdays are for stories and tales, Fridays are for my favourites, and the weekends are for the songs I listen to. The plan is to publish for a certain day on a certain week.

And did I mention that this will be a Shine On Blogiversary Mini-Series? I don’t want to make this something big, I just want to celebrate on my own. That’s all for this episode, I’ll see you on the next one!!

Love and light,

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