{TV Series Review} Odd Mom Out


Odd Mom Out was created by Jill Kargman which was based on her book, Momzillas that was published in 2007. She was also the main character who goes by the name, Jill Weber. The first season with 10 episodes first aired in June of 2015. The whole series takes place in Upper East Side, New York City. Main characters include Andy Buckley, KK Glick, Sean Kleier, and Abby Elliot.

Synopsis: New Yorker Jill Weber is fighting a battle within herself — embrace her quirky and unconventional life with husband Andy and their three kids or give in to the temptations and perks afforded to her by Andy’s wealthy, blue-blooded family. Increasing the pressure on Jill to conform are status-obsessed mother-in-law Candace and brother-in-law Lex, along with his wife, Brooke, who reigns over a group of Upper East Side mothers who aren’t afraid to whip out their credit cards to buy whatever they want. Jill tries to stay true to herself while giving in to temptations, using the Weber family legacy to do things like interview for a family plot at a prestigious cemetery. (Google)

I discovered this show on Sony Channel Asia. At first I only decided to watch it until the first gap, but it was funny as hell so I did not change the channel anymore. The show talked about Jill, who was a mom of three and was trying to fit in Upper East Side with the other New Yorker moms. What I loved about Jill was that she can be herself and at the same time still try so hard to fit in, like, girl this ain’t high school you don’t need to fit in! Thankfully, Jill has Vanessa, her very loyal doctor best friend who’s also very single. She keeps Jill from becoming one of the New Yorker moms and that’s what I liked about their friendship. Jill always came to Vanessa for help and rescuing.

The show was hilarious and real. I think most moms of today’s generation can relate to Jill Weber. They only want what’s best for their child/ren that they somehow turned into a Momzilla. However, they never forgot to be their own person and they still stayed true to themselves. I think that’s the essence of the show, as cliché as it may seem, you need to be authentic and whatever other people say should never matter because only you know how to work your life out, especially when you’re a mom.

Motherhood is a crazy & beautiful thing and Odd Mom Out elaborates on that. I recommend this show to everyone (especially moms!!) who wants a good laugh about life and motherhood. S/O to all moms out there!

6.710 · IMDb
81% · Rotten Tomatoes

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