Future Talk After Finals

Guess who’s done with her finals?? Yup, it’s me!!!!! I am so done with papers, homework, quizzes, exams, recitations, and presentations! Honestly speaking, I am so worried about my grades this semester; I might not make it to the dean’s list! Sad but I just gotta accept my fate and move on and do better next semester.

Also, I only have two semesters left before I graduate! Thinking of graduation makes me think both of the near and far future for which I’m not ready yet. How about we talk about some of the stuff in my bucketlist that I’d really really love to check off someday?

  1. Buy my mom a house – this has always been my dream for my family. I want them to love comfortably in their own house and I want it to be from me.
  2. Travel the world – one city at a time; seeing the world is something that I have always wanted.
  3. Have my own place – also known as, “another house
  4. Have a pet dog – a Beagle, or Golden Retriever, or Labrador, or all three
  5. Go to graduate school – because you never stop learning!
  6. Or med school – because childhood dreams gotta come true one way or another
  7. Build my career in writing – okay maybe not writing because I still kind of suck in that area; just build my career!
  8. Save save save!!! – you never know where you might need those moolah — emergency or whatnot. This is one of the most important, guys!
  9. Business? – or any kind of investment, for that matter
  10. *Get married and have my own family – I’m not sure with this one yet, but it is in the list, so we’ll see.

These are just some of the first stuff that come into my mind while writing this. Expect an updated bucket list once I have finally decided on what I really want to accomplish after graduation!

It may be too early for me to talk about retirement as well, but hey, getting ready for the future is never a bad thing. In addition, for someone so young like me, there really is more than all the fun in the world; time will come that you gotta be responsible and serious. So if you have your own checklist, let’s talk about it in the comments section! Also, you might want to check out this wealth management program from Personal Capital so you could start consulting with an advisor and start planning your future investments!


Love and light,

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