In Defense of the Unattached Girl

I have been called the heartless, stone cold, indifferent, emotion-less one, and the list even goes on and on. But then I do not care what they say, I do not care whether or not they see my emotions. I have no plans on showing them, anyway. It is not that I do not care altogether, though, I just do not like getting deeply involved with things. This is what, who, and how I am, and they cannot do anything about it.

Have you ever thought why I am like this? Maybe because I have made a fool out of myself because of getting too attached. Yes, every unattached person has been attached for once in their life. Being unattached comes with consequences, yes, but I already know that. I have become so unattached with the idea of getting attached that I decide to not get attached with the consequences to come. However, there are more consequences when you are the attached one. Too much emotions and feelings come out, and if you’re lucky, they go straight to the trash bin of attachments. (Note the sarcasm.)

The thing is, to be completely honest, I have tried. I have tried so hard to not distance myself from things. I think I just learned my lesson, ONCE IS ENOUGH. I have been attached once, I failed, so I decide to be unattached. But it does not stop there, I do not limit myself from trying again.

I am just waiting for the right time to give myself another try, another chance to be attached again. Waiting for the time to come when it’s worth the try.

Love and light,

5 thoughts on “In Defense of the Unattached Girl

  1. Well I do understand what you are trying to say but I believe that one should give life another chance. You shouldn’t be too harsh on yourself. Everyone has a dark side…bitter experiences…but to come out unaffected is what one needs to learn. All the best. Keep smiling always!

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