{Soundtrack Saturday} Almost Chill But Not Quite

After the Easter break, my class had been attending a series of seminars and talks to ‘celebrate’ English Week. We were kind of exhausted with all the sitting and the listening, but it was all worth it, since we became more knowledgeable about what can happen after college, a.k.a. in the real world. We may be free from class, but we were not free at all, because everything was required and attendance was checked. 

This week was an ordinary one. A couple of lectures from some of our classes, but nothing major and heavy yet. Although, we were already given the final requirements that need to be passed for finals. 

I know you all know what’s in this post (it’s in the title, please). The songs that I have been listening to for the past two weeks just because I actually had the time to plug in my earphones! 

  1. Work From Home by Fifth Harmony ft. Ty Dolla $ign 
  2. Kiss Me by Olly Murs – one of my most faves from the bunch!
  3. Sax by Fleur East – it’s such a catchy song, I must say. 
  4. History by One Direction – another fave! It’s just so cute 😦
  5. Hello by Adele – I’m not sure if I also included this one in my last playlist, but I’m just so obssessed with Adele right now.
  6. When We Were Young by Adele – this one is just ugh
  7. Rest Your Love by The Vamps – you guys check this song’s mv out! Very cute, I like it so much.
  8. 7 Years by Lukas Graham – good message this song brings
  9. Hands To Myself by Selena Gomez – talk about sexiness
  10. Secret Love Song by Little Mix ft. Jason Derulo – oh. my. god. this song is the bombdotcom!!! I can feel all the feels when listening to this 😦

I’m still not ready for a hectic schedule yet again!

Each title is linked to their respective audio/official music videos from YouTube. Feel free to listen to them and tell me what you think!! 

Love and light,

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