{Daybook} Life Lately II

It’s been a month (or so) since the last time I posted something on this page. Ever since the month of February came, I’ve been so stressed out because of school. Actually, at this very moment, I’ve got tons of stuff to accomplish and study for, but here I am, procrastinating. I couldn’t consider blogging as a form procrastination, though, because it still requires me to think and use my so-called skills. So how about a little catch-up, eh?


  • Group outputs started to make me crazy!!! I’d rather have individual research papers and reports
  • First two weekends of the month I was in Batangas because my Auntie went home for a vacation from Switzerland. Much needed relaxation with my family and nature.
  • I was in Batangas on Valentine’s so I spent it with my family. Everyone was wearing red and pink, not on purpose. I received flowers on the next day instead. 😛
  • Went back to Batangas on the following Sunday to visit my dad for his birthday.
  • #HappyLeapDay!!! I also started to get stressed on that day because of the pile of work I needed to focus on. But then it was the leap day, it only happens every four years (duh), I needed to make it count. Literally. I tried to be productive, but I failed. Oops. Also, I received sunflowers!! They’re so pretty I almost cried.


  • The first week was supposed to be hellish but then due to unwanted circumstances, it turned out to be chill and almost all of the work got piled for this week. So now, I and my blockmates are slowly (but surely!!!) drowning in the work we haven’t accomplished that are also due this week. From quizzes to reports to projects to major exams next week, I don’t even know how to survive these coming weeks.
  • As you can see, this entry isn’t parallel. This should’ve been in a bullet form also but it’s only the second week of March. All that’s happened to me was stress.
  • So for the sake of parallelism, I did this.
  • I can’t wait for Easter break!
  • I need coffee.

I just feel like everything’s going so fast and I literally need a break. But it’s going to end soon, so I guess I just need to keep holding on. LOL! All right, I’ve wasted so much time writing this. So if you’re still reading up to this point, you’re wasting your time as well. But thank you.

Love and light,


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