{TV Series Review} The O.C.



The O.C. was an American drama series created by Josh Schwartz (also created Gossip Girl). Originally aired in Fox network in 2003 and ended in 2007. The O.C. stands for Orange County in California where the setting of the series, Newport Beach, is located. The main characters were Ben McKenzie, Mischa Barton, Adam Brody, and Rachel Bilson.

Synopsis: “A troubled young man makes waves in a wealthy, harbor-front community.” (Google)

I’ve heard of this show years and years ago but I thought it would be just another Western drama with, well, A LOT of teenage drama. But then I just got really bored and lazy with school stuff that I decided to give this show a try. I started watching this show in November last year, but only decided to have a marathon in New Year’s Day. I spent the whole day in front of my laptop, so drawn in the series. It became a personal favorite since then.

The drama series talked mainly about family and teenage angst, how to deal with it, and that people around you will never not affect your daily life for the rest of your life. The characters IMO portrayed their role very well. My favorite would be Seth Cohen, ’cause he’s just so cute and he is such a nerd! Ryan Atwood’s too quiet and a-man-of-few-words for a main character.

A lot of things happened within one season, and I think four seasons are just enough for the whole cast to get settled have their fair share of troubles. Every season finale episode never failed to make me cry. Also the first episodes (or season premieres) always touched my heart, making me so excited to finish the whole season right away.

You could learn many life lessons from this series as the issues they focused on are timeless and are still very relevant today. It discussed themes such as social class, alcohol and drug abuse, and the like which emphasized that this show wasn’t just something you’ll watch for nothing. Eventually, death was also included that really broke my heart.

I recommend this show to everyone who want a good cry and good laugh at the same time with a hint of serious craziness.

7.5/10 · IMDb
8.7/10 · TV.com
68% · Rotten Tomatoes

Love and light,

[P.S. This post is badly written. I apologize]




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