{Motivational Monday} Finals Done & Vacation

Guess who’s back!!!!!!!! Okay, you don’t have to guess. It’s me! LOL. So today is the first Monday of my semestral break! I’ve waited too long for this and now this is it. Our finals ended last Friday, and let me tell you this, it is too draining! Although I can tell myself that it was not my very best, but it still drained the hell out of my system. All right, enough with the complaining, I’m here for some motivation for the week!

Since it’s the official beginning of my vacation, I wish everyone who’s still taking or to take their final exams the best of luck!! You can do it and kick finals’ butt!! Just keep in mind that Christmas is in 11 days; do yourself a favor and give yourself an early Christmas gift, finish your finals with not only flying, but also sparkling colors! Make the break your motivation to get through finals week.

But for those who have just finished taking their finals like me, yay congratulations to us!! It’s time to do some Christmas shoppingggg.

Keeping this one short because I’m too excited to start vacation-ing! 😛

Love and light,

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