Flashback Friday! ‘Bout a Year Ago

Let us throw it back to this day last year, shall we?


November 27, 2014. Jason Mraz with Raining Jane live in Manila. My Mraz addiction as told by this post, I never wanted to miss hearing him sing live for the world. It was kind of short notice, for I only heard about the concert a month before. I didn’t have enough time to save up for a nearer seat so I ended up in General Admission, the farthest one. I wasn’t complaining, though, all I needed that time was to hear him live!

I looked everywhere for a concert buddy but everyone’s either busy or not interested. Luckily, a very good high school friend of mine agreed to come and watch with me! I seriously owed him one, especially that I really needed someone with whom I can watch and go home late. (And one more thing, my friend’s teammate went to the concert as well with his girlfriend. Yay, company!)
When the much-awaited came, I couldn’t just contain myself. Not to mention it was also my first-ever concert experience. Unfortunately, my phone charger had been acting up so I was left with my point-and-shoot camera which was also kind of acting up. The least thing I could do was to pray that my camera would not let go. It didn’t, surprisingly, but I was only able to record I’m Yours and It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday. I didn’t need too much photos, anyway, I was seated in General Admission section. All my camera could see was the lights and mini Jason Mraz. Plus, I came to the concert to hear him live, not to see him in person. Although the latter is now my goal.


I never thought the show would last for almost three long hours! I was expecting that it would be quick, 1 and 1/2 hours max. We arrived at the venue at 4:30pm, stood in queue until 7:30pm, got let in the coliseum at exactly 8pm. We waited for a while, the show officially started at 8:30pm. Sang my heart out for three hours, and then went home at 1am. Everyone I know knows how much short of a patience I’ve got, which FYI is just like an inch, but it was totally worth it! I wouldn’t mind doing it all over again.

It was totally the highlight of my 2014!!! Now that 2015’s almost coming to an end, mind sharing your year’s highlight?

Love and light,


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