{Book Review} Have a Little Faith

Have a Little Faith is non-fiction work of one of the most notable authors, Mitch Albom, published in 2009.

Synopsis: Albom (Mitchel David “Mitch” Albom) writes in the introduction to this book that the idea for it began with the request by Albert L. Lewis, his childhood rabbi, to write and deliver the eulogy when the time came for the rabbi’s funeral. Albom agreed, contingent on an agreement that he could begin a series of interviews and conversations, in order to get to know Lewis as a man, not just as a rabbi.

Albom writes that his conversations with Lewis — whom he refers to as the Reb, an affectionate term drawn from the Yiddish word for rabbi — eventually led to an increased interest on Albom’s part in the power and meaning of faith in a larger sense. In his hometown of Detroit, he forged a link with Pastor Henry Covington, an African-American Protestant minister at the I Am My Brother’s Keeper Church. Covington, a past drug-addict, dealer, and ex-convict, was ministering to the needs of his down-and-out parishioners, in an urban church serving a largely homeless congregation, in a church so poor that the roof leaked when it rained. (Wikipedia)

The first time I heard (or read) about this book was when I was reading this Wattpad story (DISCLAIMER: I was in high school, and most importantly, it was one of those serious stories and not the typical ones LOL) and one of the main characters gave this book to his love interest. From then on (it was in 2012), I’ve searched everywhere but the luck just wasn’t in my favor and I’ve only gotten my hands on it last September.

It started with an unexpected favor, but Mitch realized that it was not really a favor from him, rather it was a favor for him. What I liked about this book is it was too serious for life but I took it very lightly. Maybe because I kind of expected what would have happened and what was it all about. The title says it all, anyway. It was about these two Men of God, one who changed people’s lives and one whose life changed.

My favorite part(s) would be the “Rich” chapter, because it speaks to me as if it were really written for me. Another is Pastor Henry’s story. It was an inspiring narrative, tells us that having the least faith we can ever retain in our system can still truly change our lives and lead us to the better path. I was saddened when I read about his death, I was not expecting that. I thought I would still be able to visit his ministry in the near future. I ask myself the most used question, Why do bad things happen to bad people? Well, as the Reb would answer it, Nobody knows. But we all know where they are now.

I’ve read other Albom’s books before, For One More Day and The Five People You Meet in Heaven, and I could say that he writes to my heart. I have this really sensitive side of me when it comes to life stories such as these and I bruise like a peach while reading them. Just recently, I bought Tuesdays with Morrie, another of Albom’s creations, and I can’t wait to get started on it. There were a part or two where Tuesdays was mentioned.

This book I truly recommend for everyone to read. This kind of work may not be your cup of tea but it will give you life lessons and perhaps you might just want to have a little more faith.

Love and light,

2 thoughts on “{Book Review} Have a Little Faith

  1. First, Mitch Albom is a genius. One of my favorite authors. I read The Five People You Meet in Heaven through tear filled eyes. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. Second, Nothing exciting, just writing. What can be more exciting that that? You have a very nice blog. It will be a pleasure to follow.

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