{A Day in the Life} Cousins’ Day-Out

Last Halloween weekend, I stayed over at my cousin’s house with my other three cousins. We only planned on staying in, swimming at the clubhouse, having movie marathon, cooking and eating, and just plain bonding. All these things changed, except for swimming because we badly wanted to dip in that day, when my older cousin decided to bring us to Sky Ranch Tagaytay. It was rather an impulsive decision, for it was not planned at all, and we were not sure if our parents are going to allow us and say yes. Luckily enough, they said yes, granted that we won’t be too long.

(I apologize, this post only has few photos)

We don’t have a car (not to mention that we’re, like, too young to have our own or whatever) so as per usual, public transportation to the rescue!!! We thought of taking Uber or Grab, but we liked the idea of adventure and getting lost and all that. But of course we didn’t get lost, it was an easy commute, really, it’s just too far. It took us about 40-45 minutes to get to Sky Ranch, no traffic. From Heritage Spring Homes, we took Tagaytay jeepney, then tricycle to Olivarez, and then jeepney to Sky Ranch. It was hassle-free, surprisingly because I’m from Manila, and we really felt the Christmas breeze already (because, Tagaytay), again becuase I’m from Manila and Manila is just everything hassle and polluted.

photo by Nie Talain
Around 4:30pm we finally got there and queued to buy entrance tickets. It was only P50, then the rides have their respective ticket prices. We only rode the Sky Eye for P150, then we just strolled around and took pictures. Funny story, though, the ferris wheel’s gondola can only accommodate up to 4 people, unfortunately we’re 5, but luckily the ‘kuya’ was kind enough to let us have fun all together.

photo by Nie Talain
Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

The view from above was just breathtaking – nature and happiness rolled into one place. It was indeed a beautiful panoramic view. We laughed and laughed and took some more pictures the whole ride. It was rather short, the ride only lasted for, like, 5 minutes. But it was so fun especially when you’re with the people you truly love.

It was actually one of the rare moments that we get to hang out and bond without the parentals. What did I tell you, I grew up with strict parents, and so did they. Honestly, we only informed them that we’re going out and not really ‘asked for permission’ through text! It was breakfast time so when we went to the clubhouse to swim without our phones with us, we were kind of anxious to go home and read their reply. But, hey, they said their respective okays and told us to stay safe and go home as soon as possible. And we did. Because we’re such good and loving kids who take orders from our parents because disappointing them is not and will never be on the list.


that’s spelled LOVE, okay

Love and light,

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