{Friday Favorites} Youtube Channels

These past few months, I’ve been kinda hooked on Youtube. I have three main favorites that I spent a whole week trying to finish all of their videos!

  1. MyLifeAsEva
    – I looooove Eva Gutowski! She’s so funny and pretty and stylish. Her videos are mainly DIY and other fun and comedy stuff. She has her mini series, “How to Survive High School”. You guys check her out, I just can’t stress enough how much I am in love with her and her channel. She gives away really useful stuff that she also use, so you’d feel like friends with her because you’d have almost the same stuff.

  2. Meredith Foster
    – She’s like the cutest thing ever! Eva and Meredith almost have the same concept in their channels, which made me love them even more. She has a collab video with Eva that I really love because STAYCATION!! Plus, I just want to pinch those pretty cute cheeks. Go to her channel and witness how admirable she is! She also hosts giveaways, isn’t that fun?


    *(She and Eva have girly channels, so if you’re not really into girly stuff, or if you’re a guy, this next channel is for you…)

  3. Fine Brothers Entertainment
    – They have these react videos that are really informative and hilarious. My favorite would be the Kids React videos because cute kids! Elders and Teens React videos are just as funny, but I love kids even more because they’re like those innocent ones with really honest opinions and reactions. You guys have to check this channel out, this is really one of my top favorites! They also have a REACT channel, which only contains the newest react videos.

If you guys want to check them out, just click on their names and you will be redirected to their YouTube channels! Also, when you go to their channels, please do let them know that I brought you there by leaving a comment! Let me know which YouTube channels are your favorites so I could also check them out!

Love and light,


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