{Blogging 101} Day 11: Make a Prompt Personal — Three Struggles of a Brace-Face

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Satisfaction of a List.”


  1. What color of rubber to choose
    –  Every time that I go to the dentist for my adjustment appointment, my dentist makes me choose what color of my rubber will be. He gives me this big transparent container with all of the colored rubbers sorted by their hue. They go from light to dark, ROYGBIV, pastel, and clear. It is indeed hard since you have to think of how it will be seen through your smile. Once, I chose black as my rubber color of the month and it didn’t look nice since I was in a party and we need flash for taking photos. Your rubber color will either make you or break you.

  1. The constant anticipation of removing your braces
    – You’re wearing braces for a reason, that is, to straighten your teeth. I’ve always wondered how I’d look without braces and with straight teeth. But then you’ve worn them for so many months (or years!!!) that you also wonder how it feels to have bare teeth. You will surely have a better smile without braces. A million-dollar one, as they say.
  2. Almost crying after every adjustment
    – Sure, it’s fun to wear braces, but in the beginning, it’s not. It hurts so bad you’d rather have crooked teeth than to wear them. You can literally feel your teeth moving at once, it hurts your gums, and you can’t eat at all! Only soup is the best choice to have for dinner as of the moment. Although the pain subsides after a few days, you still have to face it on the next month. It’s like having monthly period for the guys, but only for a certain period of time.

Love and light,

[DISCLAIMER: This post has been published on Listicle, written by Precious Valencia]

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