{Blogging 101} Day 9: Get Inspired By the Neighbors

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time yesterday to complete the task. I’ve only left comments on three blogs, lacking one more. Anyway, I will make sure to check out more new blogs and leave comments as much as possible. I’m deeply sorry for failing yesterday’s task, hehe, so these are the new blogs I had visited and left my comments on…

  1. James Proclaims! I instantly liked his website because of the sunny faces that are just too cute. Also, I like his tagline, which he had to decide through a poll. I wasn’t able to vote, though; I’m glad that his current tagline won. No one can go wrong with rhyming words!
  2. Just Average Teen Me. Bucket list posts are just one of the posts I enjoy reading. I like that she wants to go places and do things, I think that’s really inspiring especially that I also have my own bucket list. You guys should wish her good luck! 🙂
  3. Wanderlust. This is like one of my blog goals. Too much travelling has been done, I gotta admit that I’m jeaaalooouuus!! Travelling is one thing that I really want to do someday and for now, this blog is an inspiration!

Yes, so far, so good, I’m still enjoying my Blogging 101 classes. The people are so great and I get to meet new ones everyday.

Love and light,

8 thoughts on “{Blogging 101} Day 9: Get Inspired By the Neighbors

  1. I wouldn’t worry about not doing 4 – it’s a number picked out of the air. Doing 3 has achieved the learning, and you should give yourself a pat on the back for achieving that and completing today’s task already! Most impressive.

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  2. These are beautiful blogs Prei 🙂
    I enjoyed reading James’ blog and Wanderlust has amazing stories( magic of starting early)
    Thanks for sharing this. No need to apologize–we all know you are a good girl but have many obligations.


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