What Picking Up my Drunken Friend has Taught Me


I’ve never been a fan of drinking alcoholic beverages because it floods your mind with stupidity and insanity, just like what happened to my guy friend. Usually, it’s the guy friend who picks up his drunken girl (notice the space called friendzone here, lol just kidding) friend and bring her home, but in my case, for the very first time in the history of my life, my guy friend got really really drunk and I had to fetch him. According to him, he and some of his friends finished the last three long-neck bottles of rum and beer so they wouldn’t go to waste. Uhm, guys, you could have just taken them home and save them for another sesh some other time.

I asked our other friend to come with me because it was kind of late and I’ve always been scared to go out late at night, and I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle a drunken guy all by myself. By the time we reached this milktea-slash-coffee shop, my drunken friend was sitting on the sidewalk. We stayed there for a minute, listening to him ramble. We finally dragged him inside, ordered him coffee and lots and lots of water. He kept on rambling about what happened, what they had to drink, and just other random stuff guys talk about when they’ve had too much to drink.

Honestly, I wasn’t happy. I mean, he’s not sober, and I needed to go out late. Don’t take this the wrong way, I would do anything for my best friends, but I never expected a scenario like this. That night was my first time for a lot of things. I was never prepared, but I think I kinda nailed it. I handled the whole situation pretty well and my mom didn’t get mad at me for helping a drunken friend and going out & home late, which was really a first. I felt proud of myself for a little bit, since my guy friends have been doing things for me since high school and I couldn’t be grateful and thankful enough. I thought that was the beginning of making decisions on my own for the ones that mean a lot to me. It shouldn’t sound like a big deal, but for me, it really is. It made me realize that I’m growing up and such things are going to happen when you least expect them.

At the end of the night when I got home, I thanked all the possible deities for keeping my friend safe and that my other friend walked me home. We were all safe and that’s what really mattered in the end, safe and okay. Whatever happens, though, it will always be all right in the end. If it isn’t, it isn’t the end.

Love and light,


6 thoughts on “What Picking Up my Drunken Friend has Taught Me

  1. So glad you all made it okay! I know how you feel in a way. I just recently started making decisions for myself mid-last year and I’m 23 lol the responsibilities of growing up and making your own decisions can take a toll on people.

    Whatever happens, though, it will always be all right in the end. If it isn’t, it isn’t the end

    I LOVE that quote.

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    1. Yes, thankfully! It was king of overwhelming since it was really a first and I didn’t have any idea on how I will handle it, but luckily it’s not that hard. I live by that quote, because I myself am a disaster so I really need something to live by and not give up. Hello and welcome to my blog! 😀

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