Tips for UST Freshmen

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Greetings, Thomasian freshmen! Welcome to the University of Santo Tomas. I only have a few tips for you to remember that will make your journey a little more meaningful.

  1. Enjoy your freedom. This does not necessarily mean “abuse”. When I say “enjoy”, I mean make friends from other colleges and discover places inside and around the campus where you would want to hang during your free time.
  2. Never lose focus. Whatever your priorities may be, make sure you stick to that and focus in everything you do. College is all about establishing yourself and growing into a more mature human being. That being said, you must always always always know what really matters to you and stop getting distracted by the things that don’t. In my case, academics come first so I do my best to study hard and do well in my courses.
  3. Take care of yourself. You may be coming from the farthest place from UST or renting an apartment/dorm near the campus, but always remember to take good care of yourself. College is no joke. It requires time and effort, so make sure to eat healthy, shower everyday (need I say more?), and get enough sleep. Okay, perhaps enough sleep isn’t available at all times, but when you get the time, please do your best to acquire at least 6-8 hours of sleep. It will help you focus in your daily routine/rituals/shenanigans.
  4. Love the people around you. Some may not love you back, but at least try to like them. But whoever comes into your college life, never ever take them for granted. You will learn a lot from them, as they will learn a lot from you. We do not guarantee, however, that they will stay in your college life ’til the end. People come and go, but you will learn that you met them only for a reason. Moreover, neevr forget to join family gatherings. Your family will be the only people who will support you until the day you graduate and for the rest of your life.
  5. Time management. This is to top everything off, because it’s the most important of all. Focus is a must, but it comes after time management. You may or may not have a/n planner/agenda, it’s all up to you, but you need to make sure that you have time to do everything you need to — homeworks, reports, projects, review, notes. If you make time for all those things, you will be surprised how you will still have time for leisure (or sleep!).

I wish all the freshmen (especially the ELS babies) the best of luck and welcome to college!

Love and light,


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