{Motivational Monday} Positivism & Inspiration

[No Soundtrack Saturday/Sunday last weekend, because both days have been so busy, I didn’t even have the time to turn my Spotify on and listen to music while I do all the work. Anyway, it’s a Monday again and I’m down for another motivational post today!] Almost all of us hate Mondays. It means that you have to get up early, prep up as soon as possible, go to work or school again. You have to fight for your spot on the train or else you will be late and it’s not how you want to start your week. First of all, you’ve exerted so much effort to get up from your comfy bed, which seems to be comfier during Monday mornings. Second, it’s annoying. Third, you just can’t wait to get this day done and over with. Let me tell you one thing, though, try doing all those things with a smile on your face first thing in the morning and the annoyance Monday could give you will lessen, at the very least. Also, this is the first Monday of the month! Meaning, let us start it in the most positive way so that the whole month will be positive as well. Law of attraction will be put into action. Who wants to start their day badly, anyway? I’ll admit it, I hate Mondays, too! But I always keep in mind that I need to be positive especially on Mondays. We usually start everything on a Monday, it’s like a worldwide custom. This may not be too motivational for everybody’s liking, I just want to remind all of you to always be positive in everything we do, especially on Mondays!! I’m trying to learn to love Mondays, because it will be forever in our lives. Might as well love and put up with it.

Also, I just want to remind my dearest followers/readers (if I have any lol) that I will be a little inactive these following days and weeks because of school. I did, however, plan a schedule of blog posts. We’ll still have Motivational Mondays, Thursday Tales, Favorite Fridays, and Soundtrack Saturdays/Sundays. I may not be posting regularly/weekly, but make sure you stay tune during your favorite day of the week because I might be posting something on that day! I only have a handful of followers/readers on this blog but you guys don’t know how thankful and grateful I am that you read my works and somehow become a part of my routine. Thank you, guys! THIS MOTIVATES ME EVEN MORE TO WRITE AND SHARE THINGS WITH YOU. I love you all! Love and light, Prei

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