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LOVE is a Four-Letter Word is my all-time favorite album from one of my all-time favorite artists, Jason Mraz. Okay, so i kind of have a Jason Mraz addiction history… [read more]

It was a few days before New Year and we decided to visit Dad. First we stopped over at Total to gas up and have some snacks. I was at the counter already, kind of liking (more like loving already) the music they were playing. I ordered pizza and the cashier said it will be taking 5 minutes so I decided to go to the restroom first. I ran into this very good-looking guy and found out that he was also waiting for his food. I came back to the shop, still liking loving the songs. I told Tito Jj that I will search for those songs in the internet when we get home. And still, there’s the guy. He seems to be liking the music being played also. I never forgot about it and searched for the songs right away when we got home. I found out that they were Jason Mraz’s. Wow, I thought. Guess I’ll be listening to him for the rest of my life, I thought. So I downloaded the new album and played it on repeat while I do some errands in the internet. I loved the feeling. And one more thing that made me love Jason Mraz even more is that I was able to listen to him with a very good-looking guy and I guess I’d still be dreaming about that guy until I don’t know when. Up until now, I’m still hoping wishing that I’ll be able to see that guy gain in a gasoline station with Jason Mraz’s songs playing.

Since then, I’ve always had the LOVE album anywhere. From my phone to my laptop to my desktop to my iPad, I have that album with me. It’s the epitome of warmth, love, positivism, and inspiration. For me it’s the perfect album of all-time, I also have it on my Spotify, so whenever I feel sad I just put it on shuffle and it instantly brightens up my day. My most favorite tracks from this album would be “Hidden Track“, “Be Honest“, and “Who’s Thinking About You Now?“. I’m not sure about “Hidden Track”, though, if it’s really a hidden track in the album or it’s just what it’s called. Jason Mraz is supposed to make you feel something inside of you by all of his songs, since 2000. Here are the songs from LOVE is a Four-Letter Word album and what they mean, according to me yay!

  1. The Freedom Song – It’s actually about feeling good about the simplest things, specifically with regards to nature, and feeling the beauty of life when we have freedom.
  2. Living in the Moment – Letting go of the past and literally living in the moment is this track’s whole idea. You will have your peace of my mind by not worrying about the things that you cannot change.
  3. The Woman I Love – This is like the most romantic song I have ever heard. Jason Mraz surely knows how to make girl’s heart flutter. You guys have to listen to this, I cannot stress this enough!! It’s about loving unconditionally, whatever changes that may happen.
  4. I Won’t Give Up – We all know this song because it’s truly an inspirational one. It’s been pretty popular to everyone especially with Jason’s Jesus hair in the video.
  5. 5/6 – It’s all about going with the flow, dancing with life. Otherwise, the flow is going to eat us alive and we have to dance with our partner, it only makes everything better.
  6. Everything is Sound – This is a happy song. From its intro, you can already tell that this one is supposed to make you cheerful for the rest of the day. Sing to love, to communicate, and just to be happy.
  7. 93 Million Miles – 93 million miles is the actual distance of the Earth from the Sun. Home is where your heart is, as the song implies. In life you’re gonna go far, but always know that you can come home anytime you want. This is also a favorite of mine because the words are just so spot on and this track makes my heart melt every time.
  8. Frank D. Fixer – Okay, so this is one of my favorites but like not the most ones. However, it talks about a handyman and a grandfather named Frank D. Fixer and that he always fixes whatever it is that breaks, or just needs fixing. It has a deeper meaning, that he’s the family fixer, everything just turns out all right with the help of Frank D. Fixer.
  9. Who’s Thinking About You Now? – This song brings so much feels into my system. I totally recommend this song to everyone, it just makes me more and more in love with Jason Mraz every time I listen to it. Okay, I won’t be telling much more about it, just listen to it. Just do it!! *teary-eyed*
  10. In Your Hands – Love. I just feel the love whenever I hear this song. Trusting and giving your heart to someone is no joke. You have to have so much courage and strength to do such thing.
  11. Be Honest (feat. Inara George) – Trust and unconditional love. That’s it. I love it so much.
  12. The World As I See It – The next most romantic song to The Woman I Love. This song makes me go ‘awww’ because “No, it’s not hard for me to love you because you are the world to me.” It is all about perspectives and what you love most about your significant other. You will be each other’s world and it’s a remarkable place. See how romantic it is?
  13. Hidden Track – The last but certainly not the least, “I’m Coming Over“. Apparently, it has a title of its own. It is all about an unending love, never getting over someone you love. The feels this song bring are so spot on even though I have no one to get over with.

Each and every title is linked to their respective audio/music videos on YouTube, feel free to listen to them and let me know which one is your favorite! Love and light, Prei

P.S. Shout out to my special friend who inspired me to write this post! Let’s jam to Jason Mraz for the rest of our lives ❤


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