Only Child & Strict Parents Combo


So these past weeks, there’s this trend on Twitter #GrowingUpWithStrictParents. I kind of followed this hashtag since I grew up, and still growing up, with strict parent/s. Luckily on my part, I am an only child so that made my parents only extra strict. Yay! *kindly note the sarcasm* [read more]

I was never allowed to go out without a chaperone until I was fifteen, and it only covered a 50-mile radius from our house. I needed to come home before sun down, and don’t even think you can go out again if you came home after 6pm. My phone’s got load only for parental texting purposes. Update Mom and Dad where you are now, who you’re with, what you’re having for lunch, for snacks, what you’re drinking, how much money you still have, how long since you last went to the bathroom, is it traffic, and the list could go on and on. It’s basically a guilt-trip that you shouldn’t have gone out with your friends, that you should’ve stayed home so you’re not making them worry.

But before all of those, the struggle of asking permission from your parents comes first. You would have a mini speech prepared so they would be convinced in the littlest way possible. You will wait for the perfect timing, not to ask for permission, but to slightly say something about the plan you have with your friends, hoping they’d get the hint and praying they’d say yes. You will have to have a plan days or even a week before the main event so they would still have time to deliberate whether or not to let you go out. You will give your best shot at everything you do, wash the dishes, clean the house, make your bed, finish your homework early, put the trash out. Just never ever do something stupid, or anything that might lead to stupidity, for that matter.

It’s what actually led me to being a home buddy. Since I can’t go out as often as I want to, I’d rather make myself more comfortable at home and utilize everything that I can. I learned to make my very own healthy BLT sandwich and milkshake while I prepare my own little fort to have a marathon on Harry Potter or FRIENDS. I learned to have fun on my own, never a dull moment alone. Some days I’d put Spotify on shuffle and dance along to whatever plays. I may say I feel bored at home but there is always something to do. Fold the laundry, change your sheets, organize your stuff, try on the clothes you’ve never worn, take selfies, update your Facebook status, and online-chat with your friends. It’s just me, though, I don’t know about you.

However, we all know that our strict parents only mean well. Especially for an only child like I am, they want only the best for me. They’ve become so overprotective but I never mind, really. There will come a time when they will finally let you fly on your own wings and you’ll be thankful you had strict parents.

Love and light,


11 thoughts on “Only Child & Strict Parents Combo

  1. Loved reading about you….GREAT POST…
    # parents are parents….Life will give you so many opportunities to explore yourself and you will emerge as a free bird… KEEP BELIEVING IN YOUR SELF..

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  2. Ahhh, I could really relate to this!! My parents were probably strict with me when I was younger (I never really tested the waters haha) so I’ve been a ‘home buddy’ until uni started for me (this year as well!). Now that it’s started, I’m definitely feeling the struggle of bargaining for some independence. It’s frustrating, but yeah, we’ll have to wait it out for the right timing.

    By the way, interesting blog so far! I haven’t read much yet, but I swear, I like the vibe!

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    1. Yay a co-home buddy! Haha i’m also in my junior year now in university, but my mom’s still kinda strict especially the freedom I have right now. Thank you so much, it means a lot to me! 🙂


  3. Great Post. My parents were VERY STRICT until I reached high-school and then they sort of just let me go. They knew I would rebel if they didn’t. They told me I had chosen good friends and kept my grades up, and as long as I stayed out of trouble they let me run pretty free. Maybe you could compromise with them on rules based on your performance/behavior, etc. 🙂 Worth a try!

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    1. I kind of approve of how I am ruled in my house, because I don’t have much social life, anyway. Haha poor kid, I know. Although my mom lets me go anywhere as long as I tag her along, just to keep me on her watch lol! Thanks for your thoughts! 😀

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