{A Day in the Life} Junior Year Starts

Today officially marked the start of my junior year journey in college! While my blockmates’ started yesterday, it’s better late than never. It doesn’t even have any difference, though, as long as you enroll within the scheduled week. Anyway, it was a hassle-free day, as per usual, because it was just 5 simple steps.

I was alone since my friends enrolled themselves on line yesterday. It feels good to be wearing my college uniform again after three long months that felt like forever. I’ve grown out my uniform which is good and bad at the same time. Good, because I know I got taller; bad, because I know I got fatter. Surprisingly, I looked better in my uniform now than I did last year. Anyway, I’ve missed wearing it and I could literally feel my school vibe.

vscocam-photo-1 (4)

School starts on August 3rd for the Freshmen, they have this week-long orientation which only started last year, our batch’s orientation was kind of meh, and the regular classes will start on the 10th.

First, I needed to get a “ticket number” before I go inside for the whole process. It’s actually cute, because we have this ticketing machine that gives you a number (duh) and the screen beside it will tell if it’s already your turn. It’s fun because it only started last year, so for the last two semesters I got to enjoy our cute number-ticket-vomiting machine.

After you see your number on the screen, or at least the range where you belong, you go straight inside the seminary gym. Yes, we do have a seminary gym because it’s the Pontifical and Royal Catholic University of the Philippines. Each part is jam-packed with students enrolling. First step is the Assessment; you get your registration form there. Second is the Payment section, you can either pay in cash or check, even through credit card. This section actually has the most number of people since you still have to fall in line to pay and we all know that money matters take time. The ID Validation is outside, that’s the last step, so as soon as you’ve finished paying, you go outside to have a “1st Term 2015-2016” sticker on your identification card. Going to your college building is optional, though, if you need to buy new uniforms. I chose not to buy anymore because I still have my uniform from last semester and it still fits me all right. We also have a wash day, finally, and I only have 4 days of classes so I wouldn’t be needing as much uniform.

That actually summed up my day and it was fun, even though I was all alone. I am finally a junior college student and I can’t wait to make new memories with my friends, and of course, to learn new stuff especially with regards to my course, which is AB English Language Studies.


Love and light,


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