{Motivational Monday} Happy Endings

So today’s my faculty’s enrollment day, and I have mentioned on the last Motivational Monday post that I had just passed my requirements for my scholarship. My tuition has been made available since Wednesday, but I still have to get it from my guarantor’s office in Alabang. That’s like miles away from where I live so I have to wait for my uncle to pick it up for me ’cause that’s where he works. I won’t be able to enroll today, because I don’t have my check yet, but tomorrow I will surely be able to. I’m just extra giddy today because tomorrow I will be an official junior college student!! How great is that, right? Day by day, I get one step closer to actually achieving my dreams, and it’s what keeps me going.

Anyway, in everything we work hard for, we will always get the best results. We just have to be patient and give our best shot then everything will fall into place. They may not be the results we always wanted, but it is, guaranteed, better. I don’ know but it makes me want to strive for more when there is a good outcome, hoping for another, maybe conditioning has something to do with this. However, it doesn’t always come our way, but hey, we will always have those days. It only means that we can overcome anything so we just have to keep doing what we’re doing.

Let us always find and keep what makes us happy, be it your friends and family, the simplest material things, food (!!!), photographs, literature, music, whatever it is, keep it inside of you lit, and never let it dim. Make sure to use them as inspiration until the end. Mine would be my family, forever and always. What are the things that inspire you the most?

Love and light,

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