{Motivational Monday} #blessed

It’s a Monday again and this morning, I had to go to my university to claim some documents as my scholarship requirements. I’ve been doing this since freshman year, I will be in my junior year on August. It brings so much hassle since I still have to request them, sign a lot of papers and forms, go to the dean’s office to have more signatures, then I line-up at the accounting office to pay for those documents. It doesn’t stop there, I can’t get my requested documents just yet. I need to wait after three working days to come back and actually claim them. Never lose any receipts, though, we all know that.

Sure, it’s always been hassle and tiring, but I have to do these things and pass all the required documents to my guarantor. They would give me my tuition in check so I’ll be able to enroll and go to college. Not everybody gets an opportunity like that as I do. It has always been a motivation for me to study as hard as I could, and not feel lazy in getting all my requirements at the beginning and end of the year.

Free college education for a girl like me is such a big big big help to me and my mom. Especially since I lost my dad during my senior year in high school. I consider myself very much #blessed, because I study in one of the top universities in the Philippines. It has always been my dream to study there, and through scholarship, I’m one step closer to achieving my dreams. Now all I have to do is to be consistent in everything I do, focus more on my academics, and always be thankful. Free education has always been my motivation, and knowing that I will be able to graduate without having my mom to get any amount from her own pocket makes me happy because I know how big it is of a help for the both of us.

So let us all start the week right and be thankful for everything that we have! Happy Monday, you guys.

Love and light,

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