Why I’ve never had a boyfriend

  1. single_listicleI have strict parents – Well, not only my parents, but also my whole family. They all grew up in the province so they ‘d rather have their Generation Y to study first and have a decent job before entering a relationship. For as long as possible, they want us, me, to prioritize my school and other stuff before I wreck myself by getting a boyfriend.
  2. Study first
    – As mentioned in the very first and top reason, I have to prioritize my studies. I’m in college now, and in two years, I will be graduating and entering adulthood. This one is actually a personal choice, since nowadays the youth can do whatever the hell they want. I’d rather have a diploma that I can actually present to my parents to prove that I worked my ass off in school; everything they’ve done for me is going to be returned if not in the same amount. Having said this, I would want to give my family first a better life before anything else.
  3. Self-improvement
    – How am I going to handle a relationship if I can’t handle my own self? Check yourself before you wreck (yourself) others. I’d rather have my life figured out than being in a relationship where both of us have no idea what’s really going on.
  4. I prefer to be alone
    Knock knock. Who’s there? Obama. Obama who? Obama-seeeelf… Although the next words are “don’t wanna be all by myself”, in my case, I always want to be all by myself. Maybe it’s because I’m an only child and it’s how I grew up. In everything I do, I’d rather do it alone. Even if it’s a groupwork, give me my part and I’ll do it. This is because I believe that I do more efficiently when I’m alone. This brings me to the fifth reason…
  5. I don’t think I need one
    – I’m an only child and growing up, my parents taught me to be independent. I grew up doing everything on my own, even my dad taught me to do boy works in the house, i.e., replacing screws, fixing wiring, and the like. I can practically live alone without the need of a significant other. Perhaps you’d think this is just the same with #4 but you can still prefer to be alone while enjoy a presence of a boyfriend/girlfriend.
  6. It takes time and money
    – Everyone I know knows I am such a cheapskate and a home buddy. Boring, right? I never liked spending so much money on clothes, shoes, or whatever. I also never liked going out since (see reasons #1 and #4) I was kind of conditioned that I must spend my time wisely because “time is gold”. Being in a relationship certainly requires giving occasional gifts and going out to movies, parks, or fancy dinners. I’d rather read my untouched books and write a review or a fan fiction but I’m never going out on a date. Maybe if I had a boyfriend, he’d be so annoyed he’ll break up with me after a few weeks, because, “Man, Prei is so boring.” Also, I’d rather watch FRIENDS for the millionth time. Anyone down for that? I don’t think so.
  7. I’m too ambitious
    – I’ve got so many plans for the future, for me and my family, and I have to exert so much time and effort to be able to achieve them. I would be too busy to meet potential guys to be my boyfriend. And being in a relationship means having the need to settle anytime in the future, because what’s the point if you’re doing it just for fun, right? I don’t see myself settling just yet, because my ambitions and goals are blocking the way.
  8. Trust issues
    Almost relationships? I had those. Some guy would walk into your life, take your breath away, and then leave you right after. Well, maybe not right after, because there will always be the sweet words and best-dressed lies. I was once a stupid high schooler, too. I actually thought this guy was serious about courting me but then gave up after a week. The time they found out they won’t be getting anything from me anytime soon, they will walk away. Nobody’s ever stayed and waited. When a guy says he’ll wait for you, prepare yourself to be alone again soon.
  9. Boys somehow get intimidated
    – I really don’t know why. I may be snobbish and my resting bitch face might scare away some at times, but once you get to talk to me in the most unexpected and random ways, this resting bitch face of mine automatically lights up and will surely brighten your day. Kidding aside, it’s only what my friends used to tell me. Boys would somehow back out in getting to know me, because of the thought I’d ignore them right there and then. I don’t know, I’m not really sure.
  10. I believe in destiny
    – Yes, loud and proud. If there will come a time that some guy will sweep me off of my feet, then so be it. But if I’m meant to stay single for the rest of my life, I’d gladly accept it with open arms. Sometimes, though, I’d imagine myself as a girlfriend, but it only makes me cringe so I wave the thought off right away. But there are times that I’d get jealous of the couple-y stuff I see on the internet, wishing that somehow, someday, someone will be with me and we’ll be happy together. Okay, so that confused me. Anyway, whatever the universe’s decision may be, I can’t do anything about it.

Love and light,

16 thoughts on “Why I’ve never had a boyfriend

  1. I know this sounds so cliché, but when the right guy comes along I fully believe it’s meant to be and you’ll know it. I’ve had several boyfriends and in the majority of cases, I really only stayed with them because it was the “thing” to do, or because I was too afraid of being alone. I am now in a totally different mindset. I’ve been single for a few years and I’m willing to put myself, my education and what I want first! It’s so important to be comfortable being independent and by yourself because it means you are less likely to stay in negative relationships. I am fine by myself. Would I like to fall in love? Yeah, and I’m open to it. But am I going to put myself at risk just to have someone to call a boyfriend? No. Thanks for sharing this post. It really got me thinking!


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  2. And btw, a BOY says he’ll wait and then leaves. He won’t support you or your dreams. A MAN will. Trust me, the right man will stand by your side, pulling you up when you’re feeling down and giving you the confidence to believe anything you dream, you can do. And you’re not boring – I’m a homebird too! X

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I also believe that when someonw right comes into my life, everything might or will fall into place. I’m also open to falling in love but I think I’m too young and want to enjoy my youth first.

      Here’s to the ones who like to stay in, cheers! We are fun people, too. 😆

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  3. There’s always time later, when studies aren’t so important. I think in work and in love you can only bring to bear what you’ve experienced, so if you’re building who you are, what you think, what you love, then when you decide the time or man is right and want a relationship, you’ll have more to offer.

    Solitude is delightful. And that knock-knock joke is hilarious.

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  4. Holy shit Prei, just read this post, and this is pretty much definitely what I needed. Why are you so deep & hilarious (that knock-knock joke—I actually laughed out loud). I’m definitely going to be reading your blog more actively 🙂 Hope college is going well!!!!

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  5. Hehehe reading this in December… 😛 Pero alam mo Prei nakilala ko BF ko when I was 23 and he was my first. I regret nothing. Sobrang sarap nung feeling na “settled” na lahat (school & family) before thinking of yourself and entering a relationship! Dadating ka din dyan, dadating din si mister right (cue Kim Chiu’s song). And when he comes make sure to blog about it LOL Thanks for being a part of my 2015. Hugs! xx

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  6. Excellent reasons, if you ask me. I’m not sure what it’s like in the Philippines, but in the US the common line of thought is that if you’re not in a relationship you’re not happy. This is entirely untrue. It’s possible to be happy and single, as long as you know what your needs are and take care of them. Besides, with as long as people are living these days there’s no need to rush. Do what you need to do now and the future will take care of itself.

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