How it feels to be an LGBTQ supporter from a conservative family

On June 26, 2015, same-sex marriage in the USA has been made legal in all the 50 states. Rainbow photos spread all over social media; even I changed my Facebook profile picture to a rainbow-filtered one with a caption of “Love is still the answer I’m relying on. #LoveWins,” lyrics from one of Jason Mraz’s songs. It got a pretty number of likes but I noticed that only three of my relatives liked it. I never really cared about how number of likes my profile pictures got but this time it is pretty evident that they didn’t like my gesture of support to the LGBTQ Community.

I live in the Philippines, one of the few Christian countries in Asia. As far as history is concerned, Spain was once our mother colony and they used their religion to actually colonize us. Having said this, not only my country is conservative, but also my family. No offense meant, but most of them are from the province so they may not be as woke as I am when it comes to this kind of issue. They stick to their faith especially with regards to marriage, that is, only a man and a woman are allowed to receive the holy matrimony. Some of them are also residing in Europe, where they are members of a Christian fellowship group that are very active in church. Their arguments have been pretty clear to me ever since, long before same-sex marriage has been legalized. There also have been Facebook posts that imply the unfairness and discrimination of LGBTQ rights against the homophobics and those who are very attached to their faith. I am not saying I am not attached to my faith, but I believe that the LGBT Community also deserves the same rights as the straight people do.

Honestly speaking, I’m afraid of what they might say to me in person or in the phone. I’m afraid they might be disappointed in me for supporting such issue when in the first place, my faith tells me not to. But let me tell you one thing I strongly believe in, God made us all equal, simple as that. I know some of my relatives are just keeping themselves quiet about the issue but I decided to be vocal and show my support. I tweeted something that has gotten a numerous favorites because I know that they know how conservative and traditional my family is. My tweet went like, “Some of my relatives might not talk 2 me 4 a while for supporting same-sex marriage but theyll miss me eventually bc #LoveWins. Always” It was meant to be a joke, but we all know that jokes are half-meant. Yes, I half-meant that, because I know it is true.

However, since #LoveWins always, I know that my family will understand and support me with whatever I choose to support. Also, just because I support gay rights it doesn’t necessarily mean that I am gay, too. And even though I am gay, my family will not be able to do anything with it, anyway. They will love me as I am and support me with everything. That is what families do, especially the conservative, faithful, and traditional ones. We always come first for each other and everything falls behind, even the various and diverse beliefs that we have.

Love and light,


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