Next morning, September 2nd

Next morning, 2nd of September woke up around 4am but slept again. Got up at 5:30 am and bathed. It was a gloomy Sunday morning and found some of my uncles and one cousin sleeping in our house (I slept in my Aunt’s house) and felt a stab in my heart. This is real. They’re here for dad. I’m slowly accepting it. Slowly. I took a bath while crying. I managed to prep up, no breakfast. Then went to the chapel to see Mom and Dad. My grandma, Aunts and Ate Nie were there. They were crying. But I held back my tears. I don’t want them to see me crying. They’ll just say, “Be strong”. But I am. It’s just, crying makes me feel weak those times.

I was fungry so Ate Nie and I had breakfast at Jollibee. I only had hash brown and fries, tho. I’m not in the mood to eat. They’re enough.

The day went long. Lots of Dad’s friends and other relatives came over, wishing us their deepest condolences. Also, some of his workmates and bosses. Sir Sandy was there, he’s the owner of Oishi and nephew of Ben Chan with his wife. The managers were also there, and in the afternoon, Yoya, Gadielle, JR, Ynah, and Bianca also came by. We laughed despite all of these. Cousins are there also. It’s just the first day but the people were numerous already. They loved my Dad so much and they’ve been saying the same thing. Dad is a jolly person. He’s so special. No one could ever be like him. He’s one and only.


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