What a way to welcome BER months.

Saturday. I attended MTAP class. It was a fun day with classmates. I got a low score on the activity that’s why I sang in front. But not only me, of course. Then we talked. We talked about something that made me feel anxious.

Dismissal. I bought lunch at Jollibee when Ate Nie called me. She told me to stay at Mommy’s. I ate my lunch there and did Renzo’s project. And then Mamu asked me to go home quickly. Her eyes were swollen and she seemed to be hiding her eyes from me. I didn’t ask why.

At home, almost all of them were crying. I didn’t ask why, I thought it’s just because of some other family problem that I need to stay out from. I didn’t drink my medicine because we’re in a hurry. I didn’t go to the dentist for my brace adjustment. I still didn’t ask what’s happening.

Until my aunt from Switzerland called Mama. Mama said Dad got into an accident. A tear fell from my eye. Just the accident-thought made me cry. Then she said, “Di ka naman namin papabayaan ni Mommy mo eh, pagtutulung-tulungan natin ung pag-aaral mo.” (We will take care of you, we will help you go to college.) Her statement made me cry harder. That confirms everything. He’s gone. My dad’s gone. So that’s what really made me anxious earlier.

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